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Flat Roofing

Many people these days often choose a flat roof. Perhaps you are wondering what the point of a flat roof would be? Surely the water would just run off on a normal, slanted roof?

In fact, flat roofs can be advantageous in numerous ways as they can sometimes serve as a roof terrace or garden. If that idea doesn't interest you, how about installing solar panels on a flat roof instead to generate your own electricity and keep the bills down? Flat roofs are very low maintenance and are considerably cheaper than other roofing methods. An affordable solution for difficult economic times...

A slight disadvantage is that like all roofs, flat roofs can deteriorate as the years pass. At Deans Roofing, we take pride in ensuring that your flat roof is kept secure and watertight to ensure that your home remains dry throughout the year. For optimal results, Deans Roofing recommend using either felt roofing or lead flashing.

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